Shelters are used as a temporary residence for people that have been displaced by a man-made or natural disaster. The Town of Groton maintains an Emergency Shelter at the “The Center” located at 163 West Main St. This shelter may be opened in the event of a large-scale event that impacts homes. While shelters do provide a dry, warm (or cool) place to go with bed and limited food, they will be lacking many accommodations of home.

What you need in a shelter:

  • Personal toiletries
  • Towels
  • Prescription medication and over the counter medication used daily
  • Change of clothes for 3 days
  • Any personal essential you may need for 3 days
  • Table games, cards, or reading material
  • Any particular food items needed for you or your children’s wellbeing.

What not to bring into a shelter:

  • Fire arms or weapons of any sort
  • Street drugs or prescription medications not in your name
  • Alcohol
  • Loud toys, musical instruments, ie drums, trumpets, kazoos, etc
  • Expensive items, jewelry, computer, audio equipment or video games

No Valuables in the shelter: If residents choose to bring valuables into the shelter, then you do so at your own risk. We do not have the staff or space to secure valuables.

Shelters are temporary accommodations a should not be expected to be open for more than 48 hours.