Department Overview

The Groton Fire Department is a 24 hour per day operation providing emergency services to the residents of Groton. Over the years the term Fire Service has come to mean much more than the name implies. The fire service across America has transformed from a primarily fire suppression organization to a multi-disciplinary rescue organization. Each year the members of the department respond to a wide variety of calls involving the following;


 Medical Emergencies

 Motor vehicle crashes

 Hazardous Materials incidents

 Service calls (e.g. water leaks and house lock outs)

 Severe weather emergencies

 Alarms (e.g. fire alarms, carbon monoxide and medical alert)


In 2014 the Groton Fire Department responded to 1247 calls for service, our highest call volume ever. This represents a 7% increase from 2013 and 18% increase since 2008.

Fire Prevention

 Inspectional services remained very busy in 2014 with 733 permits issued and 366 inspections performed. The Fire department works closely with the building department to ensure that new and existing buildings are safe to be occupied meeting necessary code requirements.

 As the community continues to grow, so will the needs for prevention services. Each new home or commercial building in town can take between 2 and 8 hours for permitting, plan reviews and inspections. With an ever growing emphasis on fire safety and reducing overall risk within our community the need for expanded programs exist. While the threat of fire has been reduced within the town and state over the past ten years, we cannot afford to become complacent on the threat of fires. 

 In addition to the regular fire prevention efforts, the firefighters of the Groton Fire Department also had contact with over 1,200 students through the Student Awareness of Fire Education program. This program puts trained firefighter-educators in classrooms to conduct fire safety education in grades Pre-K through 12. The primary mission of S.A.F.E. is to enable students to recognize the dangers of fire and the fire hazards of tobacco products.

 Enabling the youth of the town to recognize threats to person or property is the most efficient and cost effective method for reducing overall fire dangers.

 Who We Are

 The Groton Fire Department is a combination fire department operating out of 3 stations, Center, West Groton and Lost Lake. Currently the Department consists of 7 fulltime employees and 39 on-call firefighters and EMT’s.

Career firefighters staff the Center Fire Station 7 days per week from 6am until 6pm. This career staff is supported by the call staff who also assumes the responsibility of the primary response on overnight hours. Call members are your friends and neighbors that when needed are summoned to respond to emergency calls.

Combination fire departments are known to be an extremely effective way to provide emergency services to communities that are too big for completely volunteer organizations but also too small for completely career departments. As communities with combination departments grow often the ratio of call to career slowly transitions towards 24 hour staffing. That said, a community such as Groton or other neighboring communities should never expect to completely eliminate on-call services. In fact on-call personnel will remain the backbone of the fire service across northern Massachusetts for the foreseeable future. Continued recruitment of on-call firefighters and EMT's remains a top priority.